The price of a painting depends on the picture and size . Of course, painting for old  person is harder than painting a young person. . I have written normal prices here. .


 pencil . 


40x30  cm :BD 20

35x45 cm  :BD 30

add each person BD 10

Painting in pastel colors,

For one person

size 30x40 cm BD 30

size 35x45 cm BD 40

add each person BD 20 

Oil painting starting  for one person and i have real and modern style 

size 30x40 :80

size 35x45 :100

size 45x60 :150

size 50x75 :200

size 75x100 :250


oil painting one person



add each person BD 50

Suitable for gifts with a special background for one person BD 30 and for two people BD 50

add each person BD 10 and size starting  14x18 inch 

i have different types of cartoons, for example, for weddings or large collections for companies ... you can contact me


BD 30


BD 50